5 Best T-Shirt Press Machines: Compare & Save (2020)

5 Best T-Shirt Press Machines: Compare & Save (2020)

If you need a heat press for home crafting, just get the Cricut EasyPress 2 right now and save yourself some reading. It comes in three sizes: six-by-seven, nine-by-nine, and 10-by-12 inches so there’s a size for every level of home crafting.  

It’s not a clamshell press like many commercial models. The EasyPress 2 is more like a large surface iron specifically designed to work with heat transfers and sublimation printing. It provides a wide surface with even heating and it’s heavy enough to apply decent pressure on its own before you press down. The plate is coated in ceramic to prevent any sticking.

There’s a digital thermostat with temperature control up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a timer. This makes it easy to look at the instructions on your materials an set the EasyPress 2 to the ideal temperature and heating time for your project for great results every time. There’s a heat indicator light that turns red when pre-heating and green when your EasyPress 2 has hit your desired temperature.

It comes with a heat-resistant rest but you’ll need your own heat-resistant mat for your working surface. A couple of layers of towels will work or Cricut has relatively cheap heat-resistant protective mats in several sizes.

The nice big handle makes it easy to work with but it is rather heavy so if you have serious grip or hand mobility issues, a stationary model might be more your speed. 

I like that it has a safety auto-shutoff feature and comes in five different colors. I got a media sample of this press back in 2019 (with no promise I’d do a review) and it’s the press I use today. It’s sleek, compact, user-friendly, and easy to store. 

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