Ravens Roster Rated 2nd Best in AFC by Mina Kimes

Ravens Roster Rated 2nd Best in AFC by Mina Kimes


Lamar Jackson looks on after a playoff loss in 2020.

The Baltimore Ravens have what many consider to be the best teams in the NFL, but what if they didn’t even have the best team in their own conference?

Many might not agree with that sentiment or thought, but it’s one that has been presented by ESPN analyst Mina Kimes. Recently, on an episode of Get Up, Kimes was asked to name the top teams in the AFC. Instead of placing the Ravens at the top of the list, Kimes went with the Kansas City Chiefs over the team from Baltimore.

Interestingly, Kimes also had the Indianapolis Colts on the list in the No. 3 spot as well as the New England Patriots in the No. 4 spot. The Ravens in the No. 2 spot isn’t necessarily a huge slight, but it’s notable enough considering most believe the Ravens to have the best team ahead of the 2020 season.

The Chiefs just won the Super Bowl and have a solid team coming back well positioned to do damage into the future. The Ravens are right there with them, so it seems to be a matter of personal preference what roster and squad any analyst might favor. Both teams are similar on defense and offense, each have reigning MVP’s as quarterback and a coaching staff that is on the cutting edge. It might be easier flipping a coin to determine which side should be on top.

Still, many have said the Ravens have the upper hand this offseason given what they did in the draft and who they already have on the roster. Kimes would likely not agree with that sentiment given where she put the Ravens.

ESPN Lauds Ravens Roster as NFL’s Best

Suddenly, the Ravens have built what most consider to be one of the best rosters in the entire NFL. Recently, ESPN ranked the team as having the top roster in the league. In an Insider segment, the site ranked teams 1-32 and the Ravens came in the top spot.

The Ravens placed just ahead of some other elite teams, including both from last year’s Super Bowl. It’s another feather in the cap for the team.

Obviously, Kimes might disagree with this based on her take from the show.

Colin Cowherd: Ravens Have NFL’s Best Roster

The Ravens are getting a little love for their work building the team in recent years on multiple fronts. General manager Eric DeCosta got some major respect from Fox Sports analyst Colin Cowherd. According to Cowherd, the Ravens have the best roster in the NFL at this point in time. Here’s a look at that, and the other teams who place on the list just behind Baltimore.

Perhaps the biggest reason the Ravens are in such good shape is their quarterback Lamar Jackson. Offensively, the team also has some quality pieces such as Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews, and the defense has been beefed up with players who are both young and old this offseason.

This version of the Ravens will have to overcome some disappointment in the playoffs in order to take this throne, but clearly, the talent is there. The most fascinating part will be watching to see if the team can put everything together in the next few years and prove the analysts right.

Ravens Young Roster Seeing Bright Future

Even in spite of some playoff shortcomings lately, the Ravens are still set up well to perform next season and beyond. A great tweet from Kevin Oestreicher shows that the reason for that has everything to do with age.

The core of Baltimore’s roster remains intact, and will be in their prime for a long time considering everyone’s age and futures.

With this considered, it doesn’t seem wise to think that the Ravens are going to go anywhere as a team that’s a league force. They’ve got a bevy of skill position players and guys at key spots who are young and ready to take the next steps in their career.

In fact, this season’s 14-2 record might only be looked at as the beginning when all is said and done with this in mind. It could be a big reason the team has build one of the best teams in the NFL that figures to last.

Plenty mighty think they have one of the best teams in the league, but in the minds of at least one analyst, they don’t have the best.

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