Falcons Fans Have Strong Reactions to Cam Newton-Patriots Signing

Falcons Fans Have Strong Reactions to Cam Newton-Patriots Signing


Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers.

The washed-up Panthers star Cam Newton is heading to colder, much colder weather in New England to redeem himself. Atlanta Falcons fans are either really happy or angry with the new Newton-Patriots contract.

After a long wait, Newton signed a one-year $1 million deal with the Patriots with $7.5 in incentives on Sunday.

Falcons fans reacted to the signing across Twitter.

Falcons Fans Can Root for Newton?

Now that Newton is out of the NFC South, fans seem to be happy and think they cheer for Newton.

Others know the drill; real Falcons fans don’t root for the Patriots. But considering Tom Brady is now in Tampa, it’s safe to root him one. The Patriots team right now is no longer the same team that Atlanta blew the embarrassing 28-3 lead to.

Newton Never Really Gave Atlanta the Rivalry Feeling

You’d think the Falcons and Panthers would be the biggest rivalry in the NFC South especially considering their stadiums are closest to each other. That isn’t the case.

Cam wasn’t a rival, he was an easy win for the Falcons.

Newton played the Falcons 15 times and only came out with six wins. Playing Newton and Carolina was almost a guaranteed win for the Falcons. Out of all three divisional opponents, Cam’s worst stats came against the Falcons and the Panthers haven’t beaten the Falcons since 2017.

His overall stats against Atlanta are actually comical with a 6-9 record, 57.6 completion rate, 16 interceptions, averaging 216 passing yards, and sacked by Atlanta 24 times.

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Fans Unhappy With Atlanta for Not Signing Cam Newton

After looking back at the stats I’m not sure why Falcons fans are upset about Cam not coming to Atlanta. But, here they are thinking their expertise is relevant and that Thomas Dimitroff might just listen to them as he did with the new uniforms (that tools 17 years).

Cam Newton Wouldn’t Fit in Atlanta

Matt Ryan isn’t going anywhere. For one, he’s been the most consistent and reliable player on the team since his singing in 2008 and if you don’t believe that then look at the stats.

Cam Newton would have never signed with the Falcons because he wasn’t going to settling for a backup position and that’s what he would strictly be in Atlanta. Plus, he was way too expensive and probably high maintenance for their liking.

Not to mention, Newton doesn’t have the same decision making in the pocket that Ryan has and we can’t afford Newton’s interceptions in Atlanta. Newton also lacks the leadership skills and the clutch comebacks in the fourth quarter.

While it might be stressful being a Falcons fan sometimes, at least Ryan has made 30 fourth-quarter comebacks as opposed to only 15.

The Falcons QB depth chart is solid enough with Ryan and Matt Schaub. What needed to be fixed was the offensive and defensive line along with some help in the backfield which they haven’t had for two seasons. The Falcons didn’t need another quarterback, especially with Kurt Benkert back this season.

Let’s give our QBs in Atlanta a little more respect.

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