Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Says He’s ‘Faded’ on Live Video

Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Says He’s ‘Faded’ on Live Video


Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott probably should expect a “random” NFL drug test to arrive in the near future.

In a hot-mic moment during a recent Twitch livestream, the Dallas Cowboys‘ star running back let slip to more than 36,000 followers on the gaming platform that he was “faded” — popular slang for “high.”

“Bro, I’m lowkey faded,” he can be heard saying to another gamer, realizing his broadcast was still live. “Oh, no, I didn’t even end my stream yet.”

A viewer captured Elliott’s admission and posted it to Twitter.

It is possible, albeit unlikely, that Elliott meant he was under the influence of alcohol rather than a substance like marijuana, the consumption of which is strictly prohibited in Texas.

Regardless, not what you want to hear from the team’s $90 million investment, whose offseason transgressions are piling up at a concerning rate.

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A Refresher on Such Transgressions

Strange things began to happen as COVID-19 hit the country and Zeke — like most others — went into quarantine. Except he didn’t go into quarantine, at least initially. Remember when Elliott helped quarterback Dak Prescott throw a now-infamous house party at the height of the pandemic?

Then Elliott tested positive for the virus, a diagnosis that was revealed earlier this month. He exhibited few symptoms but nonetheless was among several NFL players to contract the illness.

Then, TMZ reported on June 26, he was sued by a pool cleaner who claimed Elliott’s three dogs “violently attacked her in March,” an incident that required surgery and left her “scarred for life.” The two-time league rushing champion pushed back against the story by attacking the woman who made the allegations.

It’s pretty telling that Elliott possibly being high while playing a video game is the least of his misdeeds over the past three months. The Cowboys have to be thinking football cannot get here soon enough.

Elliott Updates Health Status Following Coronavirus Scare

A week after Zeke and others tested positive for the coronavirus, the Cowboys’ leading rusher declared himself on the mend.

“I’m feeling good,” Elliott said last Wednesday during a Twitch stream, via Pro Football Talk. “I would say I had maybe one or two days when I felt symptoms. Even then, it wasn’t too bad. I had a cough and a little bit of shortness of breath. Now, I would say I feel good. I feel normal.”

Elliott said, despite his improving health, he isn’t yet able to resume workouts. He’s scheduled to undergo an additional test this week to determine whether the virus remains in his system.

While Elliott is fortunate to be feeling better, he knows that’s not the case for many who’ve crossed paths with the virus. And it’s because of his first-hand experience that he’s now a bit wary of holding the 2020 regular season as planned.

“I got corona, and it really didn’t affect me much,” Elliott said on Twitch, via Pro Football Talk. “But a lot of people have kids. They may have kids with asthma. Their parents or grandparents may live with them.

“I do hope we have a season, but it has to be right.”

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