Cam Newton to Patriots: Tom Brady Reacts to New Deal

Cam Newton to Patriots: Tom Brady Reacts to New Deal


Tom Brady and Cam Newton

It seems the entire NFL had a reaction for Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots on Sunday night, and that includes the team’s former QB, Tom Brady. The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller took to Twitter with a short, and non-detailed response finding some common ground with the man positioned to replace him in Foxboro.

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Here is a look at Brady’s response referencing the two players’ Under Armour connection, and Newton acknowledging the post as well.

While Brady and Newton have almost never been associated with each other, the two did appear in an Under Armour commercial together back when the former was still sporting long hair.

Newton still has to beat out Jarrett Stidham for the starting job, but let’s face it, there’s no way the Patriots bring the former NFL MVP in at this stage of the offseason unless they expected him to win the job.

Consider this, the biggest drawback to starting Stidham in 2020 is his lack of experience and reps as a starting quarterback in practice, let alone in actual games. That’s the reason some were pointing to recently signed Brian Hoyer as a likely starter while Stidham was brought up to speed further.

The signing of Newton tells us the Patriots are serious about competing in 2020, and they weren’t willing to sacrifice contention for the sake of Stidham’s development. If Newton can’t beat out a fourth-round pick who has thrown four regular-season passes in his NFL career, then it might be time for him to consider some other options in the sport.

As it is, if Stidham does win the job, he will have proven he is ready to perform at a high level, or at least above everything else the Patriots have on their roster at quarterback. If Newton wins the job, as expected, Stidham will still be able to develop another year before perhaps taking the reins from Newton ahead of the 2021 season. Newton’s deal is just for one year, and he will need to prove he is worthy of another long-term contract.

Expect him to be a man on a mission, as both sides have so much to gain in this low-risk, high-reward situation. As for Brady, we’d be fools to think his thought process on this is as innocent as his tweet. Brady is fiercely competitive, and it is widely believed he left the Patriots for the Bucs to prove he could win without Bill Belichick. He’ll have his opportunity, and now with the Patriots signing Newton, it might even serve as more incentive for Brady to try and prove his value to his former mates, even over another former league MVP.

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