Dorinda Medley Shares Recipes on YouTube Channel

Dorinda Medley Shares Recipes on YouTube Channel


Dorinda Medley in 2018

She cooked, she decorated, she made it nice! If you’re running out of dishes to cook, look no further because Real Housewives of New York cast member Dorinda Medley is serving up recipes and cooking tutorials to last for days on her YouTube channel.

Medley has been sharing a wide array of recipes with step-by-step instructions on the channel, with cuisine ranging from fluffy pancakes to pineapple upside-down cake to peppermint chocolate pie. Some of the videos are exclusives to YouTube, while others are re-posts of her Instagram live videos. She’s even featured special guests in her videos, including former Ladies of London star Caroline Stansbury, and fellow Real Housewives of New York member, Luann de Lesseps. Lesseps participated in what Medley called an “egg cook-off” in a video posted on May 3, 2020.

Egg Cook-Off with Luann The Real Housewives of New York #rhony #bravo Egg Cook-Off with Luann The Real Housewives of New York #rhony #bravo2020-05-03T22:58:59Z

In a recent video, Medley shares a recipe for what she calls, “The Fluffiest Pancake,” in honor of Father’s Day. She shared that what makes these pancakes stand apart from others are the egg whites. “You know I love egg whites,” Medley said, “Last week I taught you that you put the bowl in the freezer, which I have there right now, use a little cream of Tatar, and then you just fluff it up. When you add that to a batter, folding in, it lightens the batter.”

Medley has also shared some of her beauty tips on the channel, including her secret to soft hands, where she sports a t-shirt made by fellow RHONY castmember, Leah McSweeney. The shirt reads, “Well behaved b**ches seldom make history.”

The Ultimate Secret to Soft Hands from Dorinda The Real Housewives of New York #rhony recipe from Step 1. WASH We have all watched about a million videos on how to wash our hands. You got this one! Step 2. EXFOLIATE 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup oil (coconut or olive) Mix coconut oil or olive oil with granulated sugar. Use this mixture over your whole hand up to your wrist. Make sure to pay extra attention to your cuticles and in between your fingers. This exfoliant will scrub away that dry dead skin without being too harsh, while moisturizing at the same time. Step 3. MASK 1/3 – 1/2 of an avocado 2 – 3 tablespoons of yogurt 1 teaspoon of honey Mash avocado and add honey. Add yogurt slowly until you have a nice consistency that can sit on the skin without dripping. Leave on for 10 mins. This mask is rich in healthy fats that will help your skin stay hydrated through these rough (pun intended) times. *use agave and soy or almond yogurt for the vegan version of this recipe. Step 4. MOISTURIZE This is where I’m going to recommend using something you already have in your skincare armory. Ideally you own a thick hand cream or salve that will work wonderfully with this routine. If not, use a moisturizer that your face wouldn’t mind sharing with your hands. Hey, they’ve been through a lot and they deserve the extra love! Tips: Do this at night before bed so you’re not undoing your hard work. Use an essential oil like lavender to bring some natural relaxing elements to the experience. Use your leftovers and give yourself (or have someone else give you) a fabulous spa pedicure!2020-04-28T21:28:33Z

Medley is Thinking About Writing a Cookbook

In a recent interview with, Medley revealed that she may be publishing a cookbook. “I’m thinking about publishing a great Blue Stone Manor cookbook,” Medley said, “It’s a Betty Crocker kind of theme. Easy to do, at your fingertips, old school, you know?”

If Medley did publish a cookbook, something readers can expect is recipes involving plenty of Jell-O.

“I’ve been practicing a lot of Jell-O recipes,” Medley said to, “I’m back into Jell-O.”

Medley has Been Staying in her Berkshires Home during Quarantine

According to Bravo, Medley has been hunkered down at her home in The Berkshires, Massachusetts, during the coronavirus quarantine–or, as the ladies of RHONY like to call it, “The Bezerkshires.” And, it seems like she’s been spending more time in her kitchen from the looks of her videos than the infamous “Fish Room.” Medley has even added a story highlight on her Instagram page that is solely dedicated to cooking and her featured recipes.

Besides cooking, Medley has been trying to focus on the positives of quarantine. She told DailyMailTV that, “if any good comes has come of this, you know, years and years and years from now, God willing, I’ll be able to look back and say, I really was able to communicate so much with my parents because they live a mile away.” Medley also shared in an Instagram post on Easter Sunday that she is, “trying to stay positive.”

Medley Misses Being in New York City

Even though it seems like Medley has been enjoying The Berkshires, she still misses being in the Big Apple. She shared in an Instagram post on May 27 that she missed her apartment building, Oriana NYC. Medley gave a shout-out to “all of the hardworking people that have kept it going during my absence!” She used the hashtags #noplacelikehome and #misshome. Come back soon, Dorinda!

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Went to NYC briefly and remembered how much I miss my beautiful building @oriananyc. I want to thank all the hardworking people that have kept it all going during my absence! Danny, My endlessly helpful Property Manager. Maria, and Ben our wonderful Concierges. Richard, Francisco, Anthony, Carlos, Michael and Artan, the Doorman that are always happy to greet you. Pedro, James, Luis, and Eddy that never get annoyed no matter how much stuff I have delivered! And of course the two men that keep everything working day and night , Meryl and Donovan our Handymen! #thankyou♥️ #noplacelikehome #missyou #misshome #lovemybuilding #🙏🏻

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